New Products

FeelGood - Liver Brownies 454g/1lb (Semi-Moist - Frozen)

Frozen FeelGood® Liver Brownies™ The treat that you can “feel good” about giving your dog. It's the best treat for training & loving. 

FeelGood's Original Liver Brownies™ are the apple pie of... Learn More


3P Naturals - Green Beef Tripe Ground

Green tripe is great for the extra nutritional value of amino and fatty acids, vitamins and digestive enzymes. Tripe, although extremely stinky, is a favourite amongst canines! Can be fed... Learn More


K9 Natural Freeze Dried Blue Lipped Mussel Snacks 1.76oz

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Blue Lipped Mussel Snacks naturally contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. This combination represents the building blocks of healthy bones and cartilage. These delicious, healthy snacks are... Learn More


K9 Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Hearts Snacks 2.82oz

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Hearts Snacks are a high protein, low carbohydrate treat made from New Zealand lamb heart and nothing else. Filled with iron for vitality, simply snap... Learn More


Pawbreakers - Catnip Ball

Pawbreakers! Catnip Candy Pawbreakers! is an all natural catnip ball that is healthy to eat and safe for cats to play with. Your cats will go crazy for catnip candy!... Learn More


N/A Nothing Added Dehydrated Duck Liver 200g

Duck liver offers an excellent alternative protein source in a crunchy treat – just snap to any size to give your dog a healthy snack. Learn More


Carnivora - Gentian Ear Treatment 250ml / 8oz

Gentian Ear Treatment helps dry up moisture in the ear and hasten healing while killing bacteria that may cause a secondary infection. It can be used as a routine preventative ear cleaning solution. Most ear... Learn More


Pawbreakers - VitaNip 1/2oz

VitanipE.A.T.s – Edible Animal Treats has combined over 100 years of experience into their 100% all-natural, premium, mountain grown catnip with all-natural vitamins. The catnip is mountain grown in the... Learn More