Dogs - Treats

Blue Dane Duck Strips

European Duck Tenderloin Strips Blue Dane sources the highest quality Muscovy & Peaking Duck Tenderloin from Europe and is antibiotic & hormone free. Essential Amino Acids Arginine Typotophan Lysine Isolueucine... Learn More


Blue Dane Kangaroo Strips

Wild Naturally Organic Australian Kangaroo Strips Blue Dane sources their Wild Kangaroo direct from Australia. It is naturally organic high-quality protein and is 98% lean. Essential Amino Acids Arginine Typotophan Lysine Isolueucine... Learn More


Club Canine - Dehydrated Salmon Skin

Slowly dried at a low temperature. All natural. Available in 2 convenient sizes. Learn More


FeelGood - Grain Free Teeny Treats

Grain-Free Teeny Treats Features:Perfect Gourmet Treat for Small BreedsA great treat for trainingTeeny Baked TreatsHandcrafted in British Columbia, Canada from all natural ingredientsNo preservatives Ingredients: Ingredients: liver (may contain goat,... Learn More


FeelGood - Trail Blazin Bitz 8.8oz

FeelGood - Trail Blazin Bitz 8.8oz

FeelGood® Trail Blazin' Bitz™ 
Grain-Free Recipes The crunchy, take-anywhere bit gone wild! These small bitz (about 2cm x 2cm) are a great training bit...easy to carry and to break...and dogs... Learn More



Fido's Cuisine - Bully Chews

Bully Sticks These unique pet products are baked with all natural ingredients. They do not add any chemicals or preservatives, nor do they use any beef products that are raised... Learn More


Fido's Cuisine - Kangaroo Tendons 140g

  The perfect treat to put a bit of bounce back in their step!! 100% Natural. No chemicals or preservatives.  No hormones or antibiotics.  Learn More


Frozen Mice - 10pk

10 packs of frozen whole mice Vacuum packed for freshness A perfect complete meal for cats, ferrets, snakes etc. Learn More


N/A Nothing Added Dehydrated 1-2" Beef Trachea 225g

1"-2" sized pieces – great for small dogs with approximately 21 pieces per bag! Learn More