Subscribe and Save 10% off all your future orders!

Subscribe and Save 10% off all your future orders!

We've just added a Subscription Service to offer you a 10% discount on monthly orders of your favourite Wild At Heart products. A large number of customers already benefit from this service, saving time on placing repeat orders, and making sure they never run out.

Saving 10% with a monthly subscription is easy to do on any of our shop pages, just click ‘Subscribe' & Save (10%) within the product itself.  Shop now and Subscribe >

How it works!

Just go about placing a regular order but, before adding items to your cart, simply select the ‘Add subscription’ button, and choose your time frame for each item you would like on your next order (Monthly or select your own custom schedule). Then just complete your order as usual.

Depending on your selected recurring schedule, you will receive an email reminding you and allowing you to pay or change your order. - It’s that simple =)

** Please note that Subscription discounts and loyalty point discounts can not be combined.

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